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is an Erasmus+ School Education
project that aims:

  • to define a framework for hybrid education (combining classroom learning with web-based distance learning) in lower secondary schools,
  • to collect and share best technology-supported education practices in the project countries: Austria, Estonia, Finland and Romania,
  • to help lower secondary teachers develop their reflective practice and their digital and pedagogical competencies,
  • to provide recommendations to education technology developers.

Our ultimate goal is to help lower secondary schools embrace the challenges emerging from the current shift from mostly classroom-based education to a

more flexible, technology-supported learning environment, re-think learning spaces and to safeguard the well-being of children and their teachers.

Are you a lower secondary school teacher? 

Do you think that technology should better contribute to learning and well-being?
Join an international teacher community:

  1. Share your thoughts and questions within a Flexible Framework for Hybrid (Blended) Education
  2. Share your best teaching practice and gain experience in hybrid education by joining our Webinar Series
  3. Subscribe to our free blended in-service teacher training course
  4. Make suggestions to digital technology provides on how to better support online and hybrid learning for lower-secondary schols.