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MODULE 8. Where do teachers find support (co-teaching, educational technologists, student assistants)

In the Module participants will:

  • learn about the existing co-teaching models
  • learn about co-teaching in online/hybrid situations
  • learn about planning co-teaching lessons organized in hybrid classroom situation
  • collaborate in identifying co-teaching partnerships from inside and outside of school, that could help them to be more efficient in hybrid classroom settings.

Hybrid learning: it’s a new world of education, and since the beginning of the generalized online/digital education due to the pandemic situation, many teachers and students have been feeling overwhelmed by the unfamiliar educational situations that have been created.

Many of the educators searched for methodological solutions and technical support that could answer both remote and face to face learning, as well as for hybrid educational setups. Despite the fact that tens of thousands of teachers from all over Europe joined in-service teacher training programs, although we experienced a serious technological boom in developing new and efficient digital apps, programs, tools and devices there are still many new challenges to be faced.

One of the most important changes that has been the consequence of the digital transformation, besides technological and methodological developments, is that many educators are searching for support from fellow teachers or other professionals from inside or outside schools.

We are witnessing a constant professional need and openness for co-working, co-teaching and collaboration between teachers or those of educators with paraprofessionals, parents or other specialists. Educators realized that the challenges of a digitalized onsite, remote or hybrid education can be faced much more easily in teamwork, than individually.

The main objective of this module is to contribute to the growth of this mentality as well as by providing ideas and tips fit for hybrid education, good practices and encouragement to ensure the open mindfulness necessary for this, and also by encouraging them to search for creative and innovative new solutions.

8.1. Co-teaching and co-teaching partnerships from inside and outside of school

8.2. Implementing co-teaching models in hybrid education. Teaching partnerships in hybrid classrooms.

8.3. Tips for planning a hybrid lesson using co-teaching

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