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The objectives for the project are: 

  • To co-create an easily adaptable, flexible framework for hybrid (blended) education for lower-secondary education, available in EN, RO and HU languages, valorizing policies recently implemented and practices tested in the project countries. 
  • To develop at least 200 lower secondary school teachers’ (50/country) specific digital pedagogical competences (focusing on innovative and open pedagogies) in order to assure high quality and inclusive digital education in both online learning and hybrid learning context. 
  • To equip min. 80 (20/country) STEAM teachers to use EdTech solutions (e.g. Geogebra) for hybrid education, focusing on the needs of learner groups underrepresented in education, and keeping contact with education technology providers.
  • To provide EdTech developers meaningful feedback from teachers in order to better adapt education technologies to the specific needs of lower-secondary level education.

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